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PlanET Rotacrex 750

The PlanET Rotacrex is a powerful and efficient substrate preparation tool, which can be easily integrated into new or existing biogas plants.  This proven shredding technology can be used to reduce the particle size of many substrates including solid manure, energy crops, food waste and other solid substrates, which can increase their biogas yield.

If you are looking for ways to expand, but are unable to construct an additional tank, the PlanET Rotacrex may be a worthwhile alternative.  It can optimize the substrates before they are fed into the biogas system and maximize the biogas potential of the current system and substrates.

PlanET Rotacrex PlanET Rotacrex 750-inside view Substrate for the PlanET Rotacrex 750 Substrate for PlanET Rotacrex 750 PlanET Rotacrex & Vario

Totally installed electrical power of PlanET plants

141,145 kWel

CO2 reduction by installed PlanET biogas plants

590,144,182 kg CO2/a

Reasons for PlanET

  • PlanET biogas plants have a proven low power consumption