PlanET biogas plant

PlanET Pasteurization Container

Know-How for Optimum Co-Digestion

Pasteurization is a necessary step in plants which are used to digest slaughterhouse waste, by-products and food waste. Digestate may only be re-used as fertilizer if the substrate has been heated to a minimum of 70°C for over 60 minutes. Co-substrates usually digest more quickly than energy crops, so the retention times are shorter. Reliable income for you with PlanET: despite short digestion periods, our co-substrate plants achieve exceptionally high gas yields.

PlanET PasteurizerPlanET PasteurizerPlanET PasteurizerPlanET Pasteurizer

The solution also lies in adapted biogas technology in this case: designed especially for co-substrate plants, the PlanET pasteurization container can supply several digesters with processed substrate at the same time while a slow rotating agitator guarantees optimum fluidity. We offer you added safety with an integrated overspill and overfill protection devices. The whole process is logged in the PlanET control system. This is how contemporary co-digestion works.


Totally installed electrical power of PlanET plants

141,145 kWel

CO2 reduction by installed PlanET biogas plants

590,144,182 kg CO2/a

Reasons for PlanET

  • We are committed to climate protection