Head PlanET biogas plant Northrhine-Westfalia


Full Capacity for Pilot Injection Engines and Gas CHP

PlanET biogas plants demonstrably offer optimum gas yields, which will allow your CHP to run at full capacity, whether you use a pilot injection or gas combustion engine. Over 8,000 (full output) operating hours per year are the rule rather than the exception with PlanET. We will gladly advise you whether a pilot injection unit is best for your project, the electrical efficiency of which has now reached up to 47%. Or you may decide on a gas CHP which is particularly suited to projects which include heating concepts due to its high thermal efficiency. You will always benefit from our unique availability of spare parts and materials procurement at a local level.

PlanET CHP : Agenitor 212PlanET CHP : Agenitor 406PlanET CHP : Agenitor 306PlanET CHP UnitPlanET CHP UnitPlanET CHP UnitPlanET CHP Unit

Totally installed electrical power of PlanET plants

141,145 kWel

CO2 reduction by installed PlanET biogas plants

590,144,182 kg CO2/a

Reasons for PlanET

  • PlanET technology is often imitated, never duplicated.